Sunday, September 17, 2006


The flight was fine, comfortable even. Sitting upstairs on a 747 is an entirely different feeling to downstairs. I wasn't flying Upper, but Premium Economy (thank you F.F. miles) on Virgin and my seat was comfy and roomy. On Virgin you can buy an economy seat, and do a combination upgrade with miles and $s to get a big seat. I sat next to someone that I recognized from television but due to my occasional pop culture gaps couldn't identify. On take-off I eyed the location of the empty seats and noted the pair of empties directly in front of us. "Nothing personal," I said, "but I'm headed to those empty seats when the seatbelt sign goes off." I know he thought, "Wow, if she were 30 pounds lighter and 30 years younger she'd be my kind of woman." I wrote earlier and briefly about flying on that day and how I felt and will let that suffice, but here's how my week progressed. I knew I'd be alone as Himself was in Vancouver on biz all week so relished the slow re-entry that would be possible.

Monday: After successfully finding my husband's car at LAX (it really is worth parking in those smaller and more expensive lots where you call for a pick-up and have them drop you directly in front of your car), I stopped at Bristol Farm's (new close to airport location and reminded myself why I never shop there...those cowboy outfits the staff are forced to wear, the insanely high's like an even more expensive Gelson's) for some milk and bread and then proceeded to the Canyon. Noted new road surface on Topanga Canyon Blvd and thought what an unnecessary, premature job but how nice and smooth. It was hot and I was wiped out tired. Made it up the stairs with my computer and vowed to go get my luggage after a cuppa tea, which I did. After fighting the dreams, I finally succumbed to bed at 7:30 PM. From the time I'd got out of bed at my Mum's in Eastbourne at 4:30 AM UK time, to the time I fell into bed, 7:30 PM Pacific time, 23 hours had passed.

Tuesday: I awoke refreshed at 3:30 AM and since it was 11:30 AM in the UK, called my Mum just to chatter a bit. Then I popped open my two suitcases and the previously clean and tidy house (thank you Rosario y Leslie) exploded in a sort of chaos that made little sense. At 10 AM, I resisted the urge to nap and instead tried to put all the crap I'd brought home into piles. The piles had the following names: Colin, Jane, Roger, Lottie, Sophie, Baby Anders, Betsy (birthday gift), Lin. The chaos was now organized somewhat, but I had little time to gloat. The phone rang. It was a location scout asking if one of their photographers could take some pictures of the house. We were being considered for a Tylenol ad. There's no way I can say no to such easy money so I said late afternoon would suit me fine, 3 PM was agreed upon, and as I clicked off the connection, the chaos of the unpacking overwhelmed me. I sat down. It was now noon and I had to 'stage' the house. That meant simple flowers and table runners and putting all the decorative cushions outside and generally making the place look as lived-in and tidy as possible. SHIT. I ran around in a daze, but achieved the look I know they like (by repacking almost everything) by 3 PM. He got here around 4:30 but since the place was ready on time I just thought I'd lay down on the couch in the family room, watch a little TV and relax for a few minutes. I must have fallen asleep because his persistent knocking is what woke me up. Thank Christ he didn't wander around the side of this fishbowl of a house because if he had, he'd have seen me in all my drooling wonder. As it was, he just saw me in all my creased-face glory. Nice. I managed to stay awake until 8:30 PM and then collapsed into bed.

Wednesday: This is my day for volunteering at a homeless shelter and right now I'm counseling moms on how to find a job, create a resume, etc. As I've said before, it is truly a case of the blind leading the blind, but they're great and I hope I'm helping them. Before that, I popped over to my daughter's to see the girls and at least transfer some of the clutter from my house to my daughter's. It was wonderful seeing the babies again. Lottie was now a kindergartener and Sophie almost three weeks older and crawling all over the house and pulling herself up on anything and everything. By the time I got home it was 9:30 PM and if I'd thought myself tired before, I was now almost delusional.

Sophie standing and Lottie wearing her new outfit from Jenny in Wales.

Thursday: I decided to make this the day I went back to the pool, ignoring (stupidly) the fact that my ears had been a little blocked since landing on Monday. I had a slight cold and the fluid balance in my head isn't right. By Thursday afternoon, my left ear was blocked completely and, oh, I had houseguests arriving any minute. Fortunately, these folks are beyond easy and nice and the best houseguests a girl could want. Linda and Al pulled up the driveway at 4 PM and at 4:30, Linda was helping me set up the guest shack with fresh sheets and towels. Also, realizing I was still jetlagged and a little under the weather, they'd stopped by Whole Foods and brought dinner and breakfast. How great is that??? They're early to bedders which worked in nicely with my current schedule.

Friday: Linda & Al were heading down the driveway by 11 AM, and I still had some suitcase rubbish to unpack. The clobber that needed posting (to my son and Baby Anders) had gone out on Wednesday, as well as the stuff for the girls. Most of the crap left was staying in this house and needed ordering. It also needed tidying up before my husband flew in on the 9:20 PM flight from Vancouver. Since Lottie's birthday was fast approaching, before the airport run I had to make a trip to the American Girl store in The Grove. It is Lottie's most fervent prayer that she get the Mollie doll for her birthday. I like these dolls, and
after spending an hour there, came to appreciate the wholesome, sly way they sucker you into their world...their very expensive world. I then popped over to my daughter's so she and her husband could go out for a nice meal and get away from the wee ones for a while. It was slick hand-off of power. They got in at 9 PM and I headed to LAX to collect mon mari who I hadn't seen for three weeks. The airport was a zoo and I made a note to self never to fly in on a Friday night. We did find one another on only my second drive around and my happiness at seeing him rounded off a rather crazy week with a quiet comfort.

Next weekend we're going somewhere in Northern California for a week with friends Buzz and Susan. I need to find out exactly where.


Blogger junebee said...

WOW, you sure were busy! What is "clobber" that needed posting?

I couldn't imagine parking at LAX. It seemed vast enough (and expensive enough) when we were there.

I flew into John Wayne airport one time though. That was a nice little airport.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

I found myself nodding in recognition as you described that jet-laggy haze you live in the first few days back -- but had to laugh when you said you made your house look "lived in AND tidy." In my world, that's an oxymoron! :)

BTW - when you were at the American Girl store, did they tell you they're coming out with a new doll, that's a friend of Molly's? (Her character is a little English girl who is sent to the States to escape the Blitz.) Yes, I know that is just the information you want...

Welcome back, Lin!

9:49 AM  
Anonymous sweatpantsmom said...

Welcome home! I need a nap after reading your post - you are one busy woman. Also, I'll have to start paying attention to Tylenol commercials (did they use your house?)

(I would love to get together for coffee! I'm in the middle of a chaotic work schedule, but will be done in two weeks. Let's email!)

12:58 PM  

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