Saturday, February 05, 2005

Day 2 and still wondering if I've got it right

Well, after typing all sorts of crap about how I couldn't format my text, I discovered how to do it so now the first posting closely resembles the rantings of a complete moron since I immediately effected the changes I couldn't do last night. I like the fact that it can only get better and that any of the four folks in the ether who are interested in anything a crazy grandmother would tapperwhack probably won't notice such inconsistencies...right?

Today was another one of those Southern Californian February days. Sunny, sort of warm and to a woman who lost her ovaries due to an unfortunate series of events (to be discussed later when I feel like it), almost hot flashie in feel. I am learning not to dress according to the month, something I'd like to teach a lot of Angelenos. It looks nothing but silly and sixth graderish to wear Ugg boots and a muffler when it's 80 degrees outside. Note to sixth graders: It does NOT look silly on you, only on your mothers. When I first moved to this canyon from the Midwest, not quite three years ago, every time I went to the Calabasas Ralph's or Gelson's or Whole Foods I was convinced I was seeing most of the porn movie industry actors out doing their grocery shopping. I was charmed that they did their own cooking and felt comfortable enough in their own skin (duhhhhh) not to change out of their work clothes before they went shopping. It has taken me three years, but I now realise that these are not porn stars...they are suburban mothers.

Last night I babysat for Miss Lottie. She used a lot of words that impressed me. She didn't really care if she was using them in the right place...she only cared about using them. I like that in her. She offered me a french fry and when I maturely declined it she said, "That's amazing, Nana." I liked the fact that she was demonstrably impressed with my ability to "just say no." Later, when we were playing a kind of dominos that involved Disney characters, she was equally amazed when she lost. She said calmly, "I'm amazed." Quite frankly, I was too. I was trying to let her win and screwed up.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how I almost ran over a Jewish chap who stepped between two parked cars in Hollywood. He was wearing lots of black. Right now we (my man and I) are off to see "The Aviator."


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