Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dinner at the Milligans

We LOVE having dinner at the Milligans. The food is always great, the chatter is always snappy and if I feel like throwing up (due to riding in the backseat of our car up and down and round and round canyon roads and passes), Betsy has an alka seltzer at the ready and I get to go and hang out in their new bathroom or on their bed with a soft blanket until I feel better. I really wanted to feel better more quickly than I did last night, but the alka seltzer eventually sorted me out just fine. Apparently not even nausea can stop me from eating a good dinner!

Lee has a great record collection and I do mean records and not CDs. Great album covers and, as long as there are no scratches, the absolute best sound.

Thanks, Milligans, for a superb night.


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