Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Canyon Dog Update

A little while back I did the unthinkable. I called ANIMAL CONTROL and tattled on Molly, a neighbor's dog. Then, when the neighbor called to belatedly (a week later) say, "Sorry" after her dog threatened us (you know the drill...lips back, tail down, fangs exposed, menacing crouch, moving deliberately towards you), I was initially puzzled. Molly hadn't threatened us today. Oh well, turns out she was saying sorry for that week-old little 'incident.' That's when she was told it had already been handled...through Animal Control. And guess what...Molly doesn't sit outside barking for hours at a time and she's not loose, which means she's not threatening anyone.

The dance therapist's dog, Sparky, is also rather quiet and this is puzzling. We saw Sparky yesterday, on a leash, trotting happily besides a man who lives about a mile from here. I can understand Sparky's joy. Can't figure out if he's been given away or is just having a little holiday: I'm hoping the former.


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