Sunday, August 28, 2005


It's nuts, but I can't stop watching the Weather Channel. When it switches to local weather, I switch to Fox. I HATE FOX, but I love the way they develop a hurricane story. They look for the dumbest I'M NOT LEAVIN' I'M GONNA RIDE IT OUT morons and interview them and that suits me just fine because if there's anything I like talking about, it's the weather.

Thank Christ my dear friend in Apalachicola, FL (Kate) has FINALLY gotten a cell phone with a million minutes because she can update me continually on Katrina. When we both lived in Wisconsin, the weather gave us countless hours of enjoyment and now that we're several thousand miles apart, it still is worthy of a call.


Blogger JB said...

I love the weather channel!

I think I get it from my father, who calls every week and leaves messages like, “Well, it’s been hitting the triple digits up here, but in the morning I can manage some work because it’s in the low seventies. Last night I checked the thermometer and it was 89 degrees, mind you. Hard to sleep in heat like that.” He goes on and on about the weather, which is his favorite subject.

BTW, you should check out Swamp Stories (see link on my blog) because Bayou Boy just posted about his crazy father-in-law who refused to get out of New Orleans and chose to “ride out the storm.”

This is one mean, nasty hurricane from the looks of it, too!

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