Monday, August 15, 2005

Summer's Bounty

So sweet, so beautiful and so plentiful. Over most of America, August is a month when a garden produces and produces and produces. In many areas of the country, gardeners can't find enough takers for their courgettes (zucchini) and before long these young veggies have turned into monster marrows. Here in Southern California, I keep being given tomatoes. Some small and still hugging the vine, others larger with fancy pedigrees and all of them just perfection.


Blogger Ova Girl said...

They look absolutely beautiful! Hope you have loads of good tomato recipes...

10:55 PM  
Blogger JB said...

YUM, YUM! I love homegrown veggies, especially tomatoes.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Colindo said...

There are more than 200 different kinds of tomatoes. Growing up in America with a stint in England I only really ever ate about 4 varieties. Amazing.

The same is true with most veg. Anything with heirloom in front of it's name simply means untouched or modified. Original. I'm sure you Californians know this already though.

The potato famine could of been avoided if they would of had more than just one variety (there's over 3,000.)

I live close to Chinatown in NYC and am blown away by the amount of fruit and veg I can't identify. Since moving here I've learned of the Durian, which is known as the king of fruit elsewhere. It stinks so bad my friend used it in a prank. See what you're missing, prank fruit!

I've heard and don't know if it's true that we as Americans only eat something like 1 percent of all of the varieties of fruit and veg in the world.

Ok, I'm saying fruit and veg waaay to much, class dismissed.



11:34 AM  

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