Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tis the Season...

First it was Thanksgiving and then Himself & Betsy's birthday and then Blogger and I got in some sort of argument and everything I tried to post just disappeared and while none of it was terribly earth shattering, it was a pisser. BUT now it's December and all the wonderful craziness of the holiday is upon me. I just can't take it that seriously, though, because... the oranges are definitely getting more orange and the banks of blue-blushed rosemary jumbled in with agaves, aloe, cacti and jade just don't scream Christmas to me, white or otherwise.

I can't remember having snow on the ground for Christmas in England. Perhaps once or twice we had a white Christmas in D.C., but then again perhaps we didn't and it's all the imaginings of a child's wishes that come true only in memory. White Christmases were often a reality in Wisconsin and that cold and snow made it much easier to focus on dressing the house for the holidays. Here in Southern California I am concerned that if I buy the tree now it may just dry out before Christmas arrives. But, I've taken a leap of faith and bought the bugger and we have it in its stand in all its nine-foot glory and every time I try and pour water into the holder, it spills out all over the floor. Since we're not having turkey for Xmas, I'll just use the regal bird baster for topping up the tree's water bowl.


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