Friday, September 28, 2007


It's still not happening. No internet on my computer. No remote, wireless print action. And I paid the guy who fixed everything...$175. And when I asked him if that would cover his expenses since he was here for four hours, he said I could tip him if I liked. I demurred. WTF? Since when is anyone comfortable asking for a tip?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost There

Tomorrow a computer man is coming to my house. He promises that he will be able to get me wirelessly reconnected and also that he will solve a host of other issues (particularly bothersome has been my wee machine's penchant for just spontaneously shutting down) that have kept me at arm's distance from my computer most of the summer. Confessionally speaking, the break has been good.

But, it rained on Saturday...a good inch and a bit and while this is (I think) the earliest recorded significant rainfall that Los Angeles has ever enjoyed, it also psychologically signals the end of summer [to me]. Ridiculous, really. It was close to 90 today and tomorrow will be hotter, but summer is over and I will reacquaint myself with my keyboard.

Lots to write about if I can only find the bits of paper upon which I trusted all sorts of great ideas, none of which I will be able to remember without said scraps.

More later...when I'm back on my computer.