Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day After

Thanksgiving Day

The Menu:

A Diestel turkey: 16 and a bit pounds and roasted in our convection oven. As usual, since I'm not a comfortable convection cooker, I fretted and involved my husband in the angst. The bird was good, although the juices ran a little pink. So I just shoved any pink-tinged slices in the microwave till the color ran true. I nuked the stuffing, too, just in case.

Stuffing: It was good. I made some inside the bird and some outside the bird.

Mashed tatties: Yum. No way you can screw up a potato when you add cream and butter to it.

Mashed sweet potatoes with chipotles in adobo sauce: Spicy and fantastic. Recipe courtesy of Chef Bobby Flay. These are fantastic for grown-ups, not so much for kids.

Mashed sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top. Kids like these.

Okay, that pretty much takes care of the carb-heavy foods.

Fresh roma beans, french-cut, and not played with. These are so full of flavor it's criminal to do anything else with them besides serving hot.

Fresh peas cooked with fresh mint and then mixed with sauteed mushrooms, spring onions and fresh mint.

Brussells sprouts: Interesting recipe that involves an incredible amount of prep, including pulling every leaf you can from the sprout and then sauteeing them in a huge frying pan with the already prepared mirepoix (pancetta, onions, carrots) and finishing off with a little white balsamic vinegar. Delish.

Fantastic gravy.

Mama Stamberg's cranberry sauce. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving for us without this recipe.

And for dessert:

Pumpkin pie that my daughter made from scratch: EXCELLENT

Raspberry and Apple Crumble that my daughter's sister-in-law Julie made: EXCELLENT

The guest list:

My daughter, Jane and her husband Matt and two daughters: Charlotte (6 yrs) and Sophie(22 months)

Matt's brother, Jeff and his wife Julie and daughter Jordan (19 months)

Roger and me.

So not too many of us, but a little lively, due to the little ones.

And then today:

There were those very same folks as above, but also another five folks for lunch. What did we have:

A HUGE arrugula, avocado, cilantro and sweet onion salad with fresh lemon/olive oil dressing
and leftover turkey with great hunks of baguettes

And then more of the desserts.

The reason why I took no pictures of the meal. They just couldn't stop dancing.


Blogger granny p said...

don't know which are more delicious - children or the menu. Could eat either - metaphorically of course in one case. (Am not an ogre, flesh-eating grandmother. YET.)

9:48 AM  
Blogger Maryanne said...

oh they are soooo sweet!! I need to see those girls in person before they get too much bigger. Great photos all around.

12:48 AM  

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