Saturday, November 03, 2007

This Little Piggy Went WAH WAH WAH WAH all the way home

Roger was in Ventura yesterday so I did what I do when he's gone. I replaced the broken CD player, wired the speakers, hauled the speakers up a stepladder and plonked them high up on the bookshelves so they won't sit on the floor, moved the furniture off the rug onto the hardwood floor, moved the HEAVY glass topped coffee table onto the floor, grabbed the bigass rug and pad and oriented it opposite to the direction I always thought it would only work, then moved the couches back onto the rug and then tried to drag and push the coffee table back into place only to drop it on my big toe which it then, somehow, pulled the nail halfway off while simultaneously gouging it deeply underneath.

How did your day go?


Blogger OvaGirl said...

YOWZA!! I felt that lin! My days were pretty shitty for a while there but have gotten considerably better I have to say...

Haven't been a very good correspondent of late but read your fire posts with sense of horror. I seem to remember similar posts a couple of years back? I am not seeing much news either (or reading) so I hope that that crisis has passed.

7:08 PM  

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