Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick Fixes

My two-year old granddaughter, Sophie, still uses a pacifier at times. She doesn't call it a pacifier. She calls it 'this' because when my daughter would be looking for whatever soother Baby Sophie needed she would ask, "Do you want this (holding a bottle), or this (holding a toy), or this (her blankie) or THIS (her pacifier). Sophie would point and say, "this." And Jane would give her the pacifier. To this day, when times are tough, she will ask for her 'this.'

And so today I am celebrating a significant birthday. I could get all serious on you and talk about how seven years ago I was bald and sick and wondered if I would celebrate another birthday and now, here I am, not bald and hopefully healthy. But I wouldn't do that. Because really, now besides wishing for continued good health, I find myself wishing for a more youthful appearance. I don't want to look young...just younger. But I'm cheap so easy low-cost fixes are the only option.

And this morning the answer arrived. Thanks, Pat. xoxo


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