Sunday, March 13, 2005


Lottie slept all night BUT she got up SO early...for me. She asked if I'd sleep in her room (at my house) so she had one single bed and I had the other. She went to sleep at 8, I went to sleep at midnight. She started waking up at 6 AM and was ready to go by 7...which meant that I started waking up at 6 and then woke up at exactly the same time to "It's not time to sleep, Nana. Wake up." Here's what we did between 7 and 11:30 AM...non-stop.

Cereal, please. She loves those O's, so a bowlful of those got her going...big time. I asked her what she'd like for second breakfast and she quickly replied blueberry pancakes. Second breakfast would be the first for Himself and me so I was pleased she asked for something yummy.

Let's get beautiful. She quickly got her first breakfast under her belt and pulled her jammies off and her leotard, plastic high heels and pop beads on. She swanned around in that get-up while I was taking limited peeps at the Sunday papers. We put some music on and she did a little impromptu flamenco. This child is truly her mother's daughter.

I'm Hungry, Nana
. Roger & I were thinking the same thing so while Lottie pulled off her dance outfit and pulled on her outdoor clothes, I got to mixing pancake batter. It was 8 AM and I'd lost my first cup of coffee almost an hour before and still hadn't found it. I got the second cup started and 20 minutes later we're sitting down to a BIG PANCAKE BREAKFAST. Believe me, this isn't our normal routine. I knew Lottie had a birthday party at 12:30 so when she picked the first blueberry out of her pancake, popped it in her mouth, sneezed and deposited it on her clean top, I knew I could stop worrying about the state of her clothes when I delivered her to her Mom. That was a relief to get that worry out of the way.

I'll be a Nice Dinosaur, You be a Mean One
. I was trying to read the Style section of the NY Times while Roger and Lottie roared around the house, alternating mean and nice roles. It wasn't yet 9 AM. There are some aspects of parenting that one just plain doesn't miss and the energy of weekend mornings is one of them.

Hey Babu, you wanna play store? Babu, otherwise known as Roger, had the business section of the New York Times and actually thought he was going to read it. I think he thought that after playing nice dinosaur/mean dinosaur he could sit down for a few minutes. He was really wrong. Lottie had her shopping cart and it was filled with non-breakable purchases. You know, things like smoked oysters, organic mac & cheese, tomato paste and Republic of Tea tins of tea. Try the Kiwi Pear or Ginger Peach...this is seriously yummy tea and it makes good iced tea, too. This is saying something since my absolute favorite English brekkers tea is PG Tips. This is strong, serious, English tea and it is delicious (to me). Lottie is a very thorough child so, not only is she her mother's daughter, she is her father's daughter, which is a good, good thing. This little girl has a sense of thoroughness, like her Pa, and after showing Babu how to slide the groceries through the 'scanner,' she insisted on signing her credit card receipt.

Did you know I Play Soccer, Babu ? Then we went outside and kicked the kingsize ball around the garden and played Piggie in the Middle and then we checked to see if there were any worms in the swimming pool.

Let's Go for a walk up the Mountain then let's blow bubbles, okay Babu?

Babu was definitely the star on Sunday and I was happy to share.


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