Monday, March 28, 2005

When You Turn Your Cellphone Off, Make Sure it Really is Off

In an earlier entry, I'd gone on (ad nauseum) about drivers who don't use their blinkers. Leaving the Calabasas Swim & Tennis Club the other day, I was poised, BLINKER ON...well, just bloody obnoxious guy...on his cellphone...driving a Range Rover...would do. Would he go straight? Would he turn into the driveway of the very same club I was trying to leave? You know he was turning blinker...the sod. So...

I said something to him. He stopped and cupped one hand round his ear like he couldn't hear me (the liar). I said, "You forgot to use your blinker." Remarkably, he still couldn't hear me. So I said, "Your indicator...your blinker. Start using them." Curiously, my husband heard this entire one-sided conversation because somehow I'd accidentally hit the redial button on my cellphone.


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