Sunday, March 20, 2005

President Bush FLIES POSTHASTE to the capital to sign the hastily cobbled together bill that Congress has created to save Terry Schiavo

Poor, poor Terry Schiavo. Poor, poor Michael Schiavo, her husband. And poor, poor Mr. & Mrs. Schindler, Terry Schiavo's parents. All that being said, what the hell is wrong with the government? All you right-wingers out there, listen up. You're the same ones who cry foul about government 'interference' and the over-governmenting of America. Well, please tell me what you call this? Our country is at war, isn't it? But our president has so damned much spare time and is so filled with compassion for this tragically sick woman that he is flying back to the White House to sign a bill that Congress has put together to extend her miserable life even further.

And now Randall Terry has joined the fray. If you don't know who this man is, you should. He is dangerous. I know that from personal experience. Randall Terry is either the founder or one of the founders of "Operation Rescue." He is a dangerous bully who has been barred since the late 90s from any anti-abortion activities. That he isn't in jail is nothing but a mystery to me. Randall Terry first crossed my path in the late winter of 1991/92. He had proclaimed from his bully pulpit that Milwaukee would be the focus of "Operation Rescue" activities in the spring and summer. I was and am an active member of Planned Parenthood, a wonderful organization founded by lady Republicans, many decades ago, to help with family planning issues in the slums of New York City. Planned Parenthood and Naral officials in Milwaukee were understandably concerned and were looking for volunteers just to be a "presence" around several family planning clinics that provided abortions in the City. I volunteered and so it was that I found myself on one miserably cold February day in the parking lot of a clinic. Clinic escorts were bringing patients in through the side door because Randall Terry and a busload of the faithful had blockaded the front door. Police were holding them at bay and we were still able to get the clients in. First through the door that day was a 12-year old rape victim. She and her mother had to walk and shoulder their way through a screaming throng of 'Christians' and I just remember that the young girl was crying and shaking with fear. Her mother was furious.

The day wore on and finally the last patient had walked through the door. My friend and I were chatting with a few of the clinic defense coordinators when a group of about 20 Operation Rescue fanatics came charging around the corner. We tried to get over to the side door of the clinic but a mini-van was between the door and us. Suddenly I was pushed roughly against the van by Randall Terry. With his left hand he pushed me tight up against the side mirror. It was digging into my shoulder, hard...I remember that so well. When I moved sharply to get away, he elbowed me maliciously in the small of my back. I was in two minds about running or yelling at him. I didn't run, but I looked at him hard and said, "Listen asshole. Nobody wearing a cheap, orangie/brown naugahyde jacket is going to scare me. Now fuck off." End of story. He gave me one little push, chicken-shit that he is, and walked away. Lucky me, in 1992 I got to see more of that SOB than I ever would have thought possible. I am not surprised to see his name surface again.

Mr. President, there are 14,000 residents of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation who could run out of water by August of this year. Schools and their only hospital & clinic would close. While I'm sure this is not on your front burner, I did think that since you care so deeply and passionately about the almost-dead, this may get your attention.


Blogger hiddenfish said...

There is something in the water. It makes the natives radiate with an odd glow. Why do we systematically ignore and deny these signs of the apocalypse? Why do we sit idly by and try to seek normalcy when it is merely an opiate of the mind. Why do we permit the madness? Take action now! Join the growing movement that strives to uncloak the mysteries that plague the global psyche!!! Show your support by encircling your wrists with orange marker to gain awareness. We will be heard and the world will know our cause! Learn more about the madness at or at

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Anonymous Tita said...

Linda, your quick reference about that randal dude was about enough for me to see how nonsense this Bush move must be.
I'll keep this in my bookmarks!

5:51 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

Thanks for bookmarking me!

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