Monday, April 04, 2005

RIP Pope John Paul II

The Pope is dead. I’m sure beyond doubt that he was a good man. The Pope was not only a great humanitarian, but he also came to terms with capitalism...not just for the Vatican but as a model for healthy growth. But with capitalism came responsibility and this quote, perhaps, notes the Pope's compassion for the common man.

“But profitability is not the only indicator of a firm's condition. It is possible for the financial accounts to be in order, and yet for the people—who make up the firm’s most valuable asset – to be humiliated and their dignity offended. Besides being morally inadmissible, this will eventually have negative repercussions on the firm's economic efficiency.”

These words didn't really resonate with American capitalists and it's only in America that the poorest, hardest working folk vote regularly for Republicans. My husband just read to me the shameful state of medical debt of many of the INSURED in America. These people, FOURTEEN and a QUARTER MILLION are paying 25% of after-tax income towards their medical debt. This is in addition to the FORTY-FIVE MILLION uninsured in this country. The Pope cared about poor people, and that being the case why is it that the following was also part of his legacy?

Abortion is wrong. It is quite possible to be pro-choice and against abortion for oneself. I can't understand being opposed to all abortion unless you personally undertake to care for the unwanted children of this world.

Birth control is wrong: I don't even need to talk about that one it's so flippin' obvious. You don’t have to be a complete moron to understand that the world’s population has a direct influence on natural and unnatural resources. The inability to feed and clothe one’s children, the inability to educate one’s children and the inability to keep them safe and happy makes a parent, not to mention his children, miserable. Few of these children become productive adults.

Priestly pedophilia is not good, but a do-nothing, hands-off attitude will be taken and we'll just let the affected church handle it. Hmmmm...that doesn't sound right. Priests have never been encouraged to abuse kids. Seems they haven't been all that discouraged from doing it either

The Catholic Church, until Pope John Paul II, was slowly moving towards the 20th c. That's what world religions do. They move and wiggle and continually evolve. Priests used to be able to marry. Then they weren't allowed to and now, well, let's wait 10 years and see what happens.

I should get my dear friend, Sister Mary James, now known by her christened name, Kathleen, to give me any Catholikky facts before I start spouting any more half truths. Right now, you just can't get away from Popey stuff, though and you have to admit, it's pretty fascinating.


Blogger Colindo said...

What I want to know is why the devout are so sad looking if they are so sure of where he is going. I mean it's the pope right? He's got to have a serious place reserved for him next to the big guy. It seems like they should be celebrating the fact that he's finally made it.

Congratulations John Paul.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Lin said...


Yep, I agree...and just to prove it, here's a quote from my blog entry (obviously made before The Pope or Terry Schiavo died). This just relates to Terry Schiavo, but you'd think people would be over the moon that the Pope got to go upstairs. more thought. If heaven is supposed to be so great and if Ms. Schiavo's parents (and Randall Terry who they called to help their cause) are such believers, why didn't they embrace the idea of their daughter meeting her maker? Surely they believed that in heaven Terry would be whole again and free of the misery that has been her life since she suffered irreversible brain damage in 1990. I find this issue very curious, very curious indeed.

3:08 PM  

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