Friday, May 20, 2005

Der Gropenfuhrer aka our Governor

I am so flippin' naive. I am STILL surprised that Schwarzenegger is my governor. I still find it hard to believe that some people who I liked voted for him. My very favorite gift shop in Santa Monica is Casa Allegra. I remember popping in there just before the election. Cathy, the owner, was almost girlie giddy in her endorsement of Schwarzenegger. Because she was giving away really good free margueritas, I didn't engage her in much discussion about the upcoming election except to say, "You're kidding?" every time she extolled this moron's virtues. Mon mari and I were getting ready to head off to Milwaukee for the week leading up to the election. I had cast my absentee ballot and felt that California would vote correctly whether I was here or not. But Wisconsin was a swing state and hubby and I needed to feel a part of the Democratic push for the White House. Wisconsin stayed a BLUE STATE, but barely, and we like to think it was because in some small part to our efforts in that week before the election. I haven't been in to Casa Allegra lately. Cathy's republican enthusiasm has kind of put me off. Perhaps, though, I should go in just to chat about the state of our state.

Speaking of the Schwarzeneggers, a friend of my daughter's was lunching in Cafe Montana a week or so ago and Ahhhhhnold pulled up in some pale, beige expensive car. Out he jumped, dressed head to toe in, socks, trousers, shirt, jacket and tie. WHO IS BUYING that man's clothes for chrissakes. His face had been so tightly pulled back that he looked uncomfortable in his own skin. The sycophantic restauranteurs couldn't have been any more cloying in their delight at his presence. But wait!!! It's not just Ahhhhhnold, it's Maria, too! A HUGE Cadillac Escalade, or something similarly embarrassing pulled up in front of the restaurant in a no park zone. Out hopped Maria. By this time, the entire restaurant was atwitter at being so close to a movie star, a governor AND A KENNEDY. It was almost too much for everyone present. The entire restaurant staff was litterally hopping from one foot to the next, hoping to be able to do just one small thing to delight the celebs. "Your muffins are ready, Maria," said the manager. "Your favorite table is ready, Mr. Schwarzenegger," said the front desk girl.

"Um, I've been here 20 minutes...could I just get someone to take my order," said my daughter's friend.


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