Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dog Update

As I sit here listening to the moronic dogs bark endlessly next door as some mild-mannered Topanganite wanders past, with great clenching of jaw and gnashing of teeth I don't scream out "QUIET" and I don't scream out, "If you'd just ratchet your energy up one notch and scream QUIET at those flippin' dogs, they'd shut up." No, I say nothing. I reckon I'll take these neighborhood dogs and their more moronic owners on one by one. The Teacher of the Very Highly Extremely Amazingly Gifted no longer chats to me. She has been cross with me ever since my husband told her that he thought Molly (her German Shepherd) barked so much because she was unhappy. In Topanga, that's like saying "You beat your Great-Grandmother, don't you?" Since I've invited Animal Control into the mix, she has declared me invisible, BUT...and this is very cool...her dog isn't trying to attack me and no longer sits on top of a grassy knoll barking for two straight hours anymore. Every now and then her husband shoots me a dirty look as he drives by. I smile cos at least I'm much happier now. And as I've discovered, with these dog owners, it's ALL ABOUT ME and MY DOG and SOD ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LIKE IT. It took me a while, but I finally get it. Today my good friend Betsy asked for the link to Animal Control...not to report Lucky and Marge (her two dogs), but to handle a similar devil dog in her neighborhood.


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