Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bloody Terrorists

Bloody, bloody terrorists. Bloody, bloody fear-mongers. They stole the sweet beauty of a summer's day. They stole the joy that was London's on Wednesday. They stole the lives of too many. Bloody, evil thieves. What they haven't stolen is the essence of London and the courage of the British people.


Blogger Meghan said...

You are right. They can't take away the spirit of the people, and for precisely that reason, I think terrorism will fail.

Thank you for your kind thoughtful comments. Your feedback meant a lot.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Ova Girl said...

I am so impressed with the attitude of Londoners. Yes we are getting it through the tv but it seems to be a completely calm, stoic, sad yes but fierce determination to not give way. No hysterical raining down curses on the rest of the world and certainly no sense of.. why us? why do they hate us?

And the gentleman who was asked how he felt towards those that had done this...pity.

Loving London.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Ova Girl said...

Hi Lin

Just checking back in to make sure you are ok, and not feeling too down about this stuff in London.


6:10 AM  

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