Monday, July 17, 2006

Mozart at the Mermaid

"...of some things I am sure..." direct quote from my last post about seeing the above play at the Mermaid in it wouldn't be air conditioned..."of some things I am sure." Over-elipseeeeeed, I know, but it just proved to me, once again, how I know SFA.*

The theatre was air conditioned. It was comfortable. And our friends, Lee & Betsy and Buzz & Susan, were fabulous company. That we'd enjoy being around them was a given and just one of the few things in this world of which I really am sure.

* Sweet Fuck All G or PG-rated company, Sweet Fanny Adams as in "I know Sweet Fanny Adams about the old Mermaid in Topanga.


Blogger Donna said...

That sounds like it was great, Lin. (Especially the part about the air conditioning!)

9:37 AM  

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