Sunday, July 16, 2006

One Hundred and Five Degrees

And still no refrigerator. Oh, we continue to use the 'ice box' but we still don't have a proper fridge. And it's 105 flippin' degrees outside. We purchase four 10-lb bags of ice per day and lovingly arrange them to get the biggest chill for the buck. One bag is of purified water ice cubes so we won't die from tainted frozen water. The other bags are encased in multiple white trash bags to contain the melting action that begins the minute we put them in the big white cooler. We've been doing this for over two weeks now and all because the *#$@$*%$%*&@#$ DF owners before us designed their kitchen around a non-standard Amana fridge.

So, Himself has unscrewed a decorative (?) overhang on the refrigerator alcove overhead cupboard, we've changed the order from the styling French-door fridge to the standard Amana bottom freezer model and we are assured that IT WILL fit and that IT WILL arrive on Thursday. That's good because around 50 people will be here on Saturday for a party. If I have a fridge AND the temperature is below 100, I'll be smiling.

In a few hours four friends will arrive to drink chilled (bottles sitting on top of melting ice) champagne before we head to the old Mermaid Theatre in Topanga where we will hand over $45 per ticket for a T-CEP fundraising performance of Reminiscences of Mozart by his Sister, a one-act, one-woman play that must be excellent to be bearable. It will be held in the old Mermaid Theatre in Topanga which is not air conditioned, of some things I am positive. I have bought little hand-held, batter-powered fans for my guests and am chilling water as I type.


Blogger junebee said...

Can't you just go to Best Buy and get an small one for the time being? You could always put it in the garage after the other one arrives. And you could use the one in the garage to store beer or soda. That's a popular thing to do here in Florida.

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