Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Live Mega Doppler 7000 HD

We've only lived in Southern California for five years and while I've always been a bit of a weather whore, the distinct lack of real weather out here has turned me into somewhat of an alarmist, much like our favored weatherman, Dallas Raines (shut up, I'm serious, I'm sure he was born with that name). I could watch Johnny Mountain (another real weatherman name) on NBC, but Dallas is my barometer of choice. Every day is treated like an audition for an action movie as he athletically leaps across the blue weather screen, his lean form holding poses for unnaturally long seconds. On each show he sports a different suit and strangely hued tie, somewhat in the style of Miami Vice meets the brave new millenium. So when the freezing temperatures bombed the southland a couple of weeks ago, assuming that I would have known what was imminent would be logical. Had I watched Dallas when it was actually important, I would have known to IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF the irrigation system so it wouldn't drench the slopes at 4 AM, leaving them looking like frozen wildfire remains.

Double BUGGER, himself and I thought, when we woke up to this, hoping it wouldn't permanently damage the icicle tipped back slope. What do we know? Obviously, nothing

Note to self: plant more rosemary.

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Blogger junebee said...

California foliage is so different than Florida. It's more spartan looking, whereas ours is straggly and just all over the place.

5:33 PM  

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