Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back Where It's Supposed to Be

It seemed somewhat appropriate that one of my favorite bloggers wouldn't be able to meet me for coffee on Friday morning due to her very own refrigerator issues. Because on that day while she was trying to figure out the fix it/get a new one riddle, we were finally able to get our July new fridge finally shoved back into where it belonged.

Our saga began in the hot mid-summer when the temperatures hovered at over 100 degrees day after day and when I noticed the softening innards of my freezer. It's not exactly riveting reading, but it consumed my thoughts for many, many days. The old refrigerator was hauled out, carefully measured by Himself (an engineer so he knows how to measure) and double-checked by me (because I'm like that) and it was determined, after visiting multiple appliance stores, that we had a great kitchen with a stupid, dumb little space for a fridge. We could only buy another puny little fridge which we did. The next day it was delivered. Same measurements as the old one, but guess what? It didn't fit. Then the identical fridge to the old dead one was delivered, exact same measurements and this time the same style, but, you know the drill, it too didn't fit. New fridges bulge on the sides...just a tiny bit, but that 1/4" bulge is critical to some folks (ahem). But that didn't stop me from insisting that the delivery guys shove it in as far as it would go, Needless to say Roger was out of town because, I assure you, he never would have encouraged delivery people to lay on the floor and shove with their feet to get the bottom part of the fridge wedged in and with their shoulders to shimmy it in as tightly as it would go. But, I asked them to do that and they obliged. It didn't fit. And it stuck out a good five inches or so and we didn't get used to it and I remained profoundly embarrassed that I'd asked these guys to do such a stupid thing. I also was profoundly thankful to my husband for not glaring at me every time he opened it. Oh, did I mention it was tilted backwards? That if you opened the door, and didn't hang onto it, it would either slam shut (hard) or fly open (hard) into the glass cupboard door next to it. We got used to holding onto it. The picture below shows the cabinet guys getting ready to take the doors and shelves out of the cabinets so they can do their very expensive refit. The cabinets had to be moved to get the fridge out of the hole I'd had it shoved into. They had to completely rework where the cabinets hung and thank the powers that spacers had been used and there was room to rework them.

And then, finally, after five hours of wonderfully exacting sawing and pounding and measuring, it was in.

What's missing, if you look closely, are all the flippin' dishes and liquor bottles and crap that hangs out in these cabinets. They were all over the kitchen, covering every available surface.

It's all back together now and no longer looks like this.


Blogger granny p said...

and there was I imagining you had one of those yankee fridges big enough to live in...

1:28 AM  
Blogger junebee said...

What a nice and airy kitchen - even with cupboard contents all over the counter.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Vicky said...

Great fridge. We have the white one just like it and having the freezer on the bottom makes it seem so spacious inside.

Beautiful kitchen too. It so matches your Cali lifestyle :)

10:20 AM  

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