Friday, February 22, 2008


So Gwendomama meme'd me and how could I say no? I mean she's handicapped right now plus promises of brownies AND cupcakes mean something to me and if you don't think I'm sending her my address (and a pre-stamped box if she so demands), then you don't know how much I love such confections. I've seen plenty of photographs of her baked marvels so not only am I cooperating, but I'm cooperating quickly (in order to get the first batch once she's up on her two pegs again). Note to Gwendomama: j'aime beaucoup le chocolat. (I'm taking French lessons, encore, so will be throwing the odd phrase into future postings. That's it pour maintenant. Oops, sorry.)

So this meme is all about secrets. Things you haven't spilled to the internet already. Hmmmm... I don't tend to keep much in, and I kinda think I've already done one of these, but sowhatwhocares I'm doing another and I'm doing it for the sugar.

1. I knew my husband for three weeks when we got married in November, 1968. Well, I'd spent three weeks in his company and then he was back on one side of the Atlantic and I on t'other, so in reality I'd known him three months when we married, but I'd only spent three weeks in his orbit. He was a guest (along with my godparent's son who was his best friend and introduced us) of my parents. My mother had invited him and Richard to come to America and stay for several weeks. She had not invited him to impregnate her daughter. Her only child. Oh well. So, we got married and after a Greek meal where plates where thrown (oompa) we got on a train (British Rail, First Class [cos we were feeling flush]) and went somewhere. I am being very honest when I say in all honesty that I can't remember where. I don't know if we went down to Cornwall, where Roger's parents were then living, or to my godparent's house. To say that our wedding was a non-event is no exaggeration. Here's a picture of us, on the train, looking completely exhausted and a bit shell-shocked. I'm wearing a fetching intensely blue maternity dress that I picked up at Lady Madonna in Golder's Green.
I don't have a scanner, so these are snaps of pics.

2. I remember when bershon was all the chatter. I am embarrssed to say that I am still inclined to bershon at times. A year or so ago I started looking for this picture of my Great Auntie Doris and me. I am 12 years old and we are standing in a park just outside of Liverpool, England, 1960. I can still remember my mother holding the camera and asking me to smile. I bershoned instead. Auntie Doris no doubt thought I was smiling. My mother had curled my hair and I think that probably was pissing me off, too.

3. I can be a selfish heifer. When I was 16, my 10 year-old cousin Cathy came to live with us for a year. Her mother was ill and hospitalized at Duke Univ. Hospital and Cathy came up to Washington, DC to be with us. I had a car, a 1965 Mustang. I had a bike, a Raleigh, three-speed, British racing green. I was such a bershon bitch that when my mother suggested that I could give Cathy my bike to use [since I had a car for fuck's sake and her mother was seriously ill], I can remember being shocked that she could ask such a thing of me. Cathy got the bike and years later I apologized to her for not being a better surrogate big sister. She looked at me blankly and said she thought I had been super nice to her, much nicer than her own older sister. I should have auditioned for RADA.

4. I used to have really thick hair. During chemo it all fell out, even the psyllium in my nose. It grew back but is not the same. I miss it. Yeah, being young too. I miss that.

5. I find it hard to say no to a nicely packaged tea. Well, PG Tips are hardly beautifully packaged, but builder's tea is a secret vice of mine. See that singular bag to the right of the PG Tips box? It's a Mighty Leaf tea, bag my husband's vice. The bags are made from silk (a bit fey for me). I got him 100 bags for Valentine's Day and since they cost just under a buck a bag, I thought I was being generous.

So there, Miz finished. I'll send you my address later on!


Blogger gwendomama said...

OMG the stigma! the horror! your mom's guest knocked you all up!

wow, that's actually funny all these years later. since you're still together, and all.

okay, waiting for the address. have the perfect brownie to send you (as it only gets BETTER in 2 days if you can imagine that) and researching appropriate ways of packing such things.
haven't mailed my goodies before. you can be the guinea pig.
make sure there's no HOT weather in the forecast and I will try get them out on monday!

ps-thankgoddess you apologized to cathy.
pss- so sorry that the irreverent betsy moved away -update? i remember being harrassed by you two at blogher 06...(you can see how far i have come since then with the ability to leave my child somewhere)(haha)
this year i swear - hands free!!!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

That was a great post, Lin -- I feel like I'm really starting to get to know you :)

5:21 PM  
Blogger granny p said...

My god, weren't you sixties... even to the getting knocked up. On the other hand, unlike the earlier sixties girl there you still are. And weren't you/aren't you a lovely couple...

10:42 AM  
Blogger Sam Sotiropoulos said...


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Be Well,

Sam Sotiropoulos

7:49 AM  

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