Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Springtime in the Canyon

The sage greens and greys and colors of the earth and stone are suspended in the spring when the winter rains have done their job. These Santa Monica Mountains are particularly beautiful when that happens.

Wild Lupine and Grass growing on a hillside that in just a couple of short months
will be dry and dusty

Pride of Madeira and a Christmas light

Calabasas Farmer's Market
Rununculus at the Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market Beets

Orange on Little of the few not pecked to rot by the birds. A neighbor has an orange tree that he doesn't irrigate or fuss over that produces oranges by the hundreds and interests the birds not at all. We do everything the book tells us to do and the birds seem appreciative.

We are getting more orange blossomsthan last year and the air is thick and sweet.

Western Tiger Swallowtail

The Madagascar Jasmine giant pods burst

Aloe in full flower

And finally...what gets us all excited around here.
It's Coming our Way!


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