Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama Fever

This country is pretty excited about Mr. Obama and while I'm overjoyed that people are so ready for change, I'm still puzzled by their apparent reluctance to effect change at the last election. Are we as a nation so candidate (and not issue) driven that we can only get excited by the person running and not their platform? I can only assume that things have to be not just bad but fucking awful before the need to become active in the cure becomes compelling for so many. And that bothers me. And the other thing that bothers me (and I admit I'm one sensitive broad) is that Obama is beginning to sound too preachery to me. Preachery in an old time revival kinda way, a sort of MLKy style. And that doesn't suit me. It just doesn't. So I'm trying to remind myself to listen to myself and while I'm a Clinton gal through and through, I need to stop focusing on the candidates and more on the issues. And in doing that, I have discovered that I still want Hillary to be my president. Not because of who she is or isn't, but because of her platform.


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