Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ROCK ON, Topanga!

Okay, if this big ole rock doesn't impress you, nothing will. Read it as you want, but the most exciting thing to happen here in Topanga Canyon in this New Year was the big rock. Newspaper clippings, emails and phone calls from abroad made us feel pretty damned important. Pretty damned important until just about every flippin' byeline with the big rock pic credited MALIBU and not TOPANGA as the rock's final destination. I know we're close to Malibu and get our very expensive and no doubt designer-blessed water from them, but c'mon...this rock fell in Topanga Canyon and it impacts me, not Goldie & Kurt. I'm almost as excited that I could actually post this picture as the fact that the thing actually fell on my own personal access route to the Pacific.

I love this picture. It looks nothing like Southern California. Neither does the water that is still seeping down the mountain behind our house and pooling alongside our house. A channel has been dug along the house and I regularly go out there with my Restoration Hardware
pale yellow flower market display can to decant this 'moisture' into the drain. Our kitchen floor tile is starting to be affected by the water under the slab...now isn't that a big surprise.

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