Saturday, April 09, 2005


Now they want sainthood conferred upon the recently deceased Pope. I'm really curious as to just what it takes to be a saint. I honestly thought it was more than just a good personality. I really will have to call my expert on all things Catholic, Sister Mary James, now known as Kathleen Malone. I know beatification comes first and veneration is somewhere in the mix. I also know that during Pope John Paul II's very long pontificate, the canon of saint's grew faster than under any other Pope. Maybe that gives him a leg up on the road to saintdom. The cries of SANTO SUBITO (Sainthood Immediately) that the crowd broke into were just the result, I think, of people going a little crazy after standing for so long with so many other people. They were getting bored and needed to spice up the whole experience. Santo did it.


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