Thursday, April 14, 2005

Today I Joined that Most Exclusive of Clubs...COSTCO

The initiation was quite simple. Do you want another American Express card, DottyNana? Um, not really, but thank you. I have two; one for biz and one not for biz. Then they asked for my driver's license. I handed them my Wisconsin license. Now it's out. We (hubbie and I) have lived in California for almost three years and we still don't have a California license. At this point I'm not even sure why. It's crazy.

So, what did I buy at Costco? Nothing terribly interesting: a 16-pack of AA batteries; a HUGE container of 409 cleaner that included a companion spray bottle full of 409; an ENORMOUS box of Cascade that will seriously strain my wrist every time I fill the dishwasher; the new YaYa book; two huge containers of Scope mouthwash that includes two handy travel-sized bottles; a bottle of Chianti from a vineyard in Volpaia, Tuscany...bought because my dear friend, Elissa, used to stay in Volpaia when she went to Italy; and finally, a wee rack of Australian lamb. The thing about Costco is that the idea of going to Costco is more exciting than actually going there.


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