Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cell Block 6

As Betsy and I approached Building 6, I commented that it looked like a college dorm (at a sub-standard school). Walking into our hot, sweetly-sick smelling room, the ripped curtains were our first clue that this Hyatt San Jose was different to any other Hyatt I'd ever been in before. We pulled the curtains back, allowing the full glory of the room to be revealed. Thumb-sized gouges had been scooped out of the desk and the bedside table. I looked at Betsy and shook my head to the negative. This would not work.

We wandered down to the front desk where I had a quiet chat with the nice Hyatt lady. She seemed to understand me so easily and the fix was so quick that I almost had the impression that they were waiting for us to complain. She said there were two available rooms overlooking the main courtyard and I took the first one offered with the understanding that if it wasn't okay, I'd check out the other. The room was fine. The furniture was in good nick, the bathroom clean and the beds were deliciously comfortable and we had a balcony.

Next day Blogher.


Blogger junebee said...

Maybe they didn't realize the furniture in that first room had been destroyed so badly.

5:35 PM  

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