Thursday, February 10, 2005

Flower Power

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Photo by her Pa, Matthew Stuecken

Oh the power of beauty...just look at her. I love being in this little girl's orbit. She is only three years old, but she gets it. She understands so much. Yesterday a friend at Lottie's preschool told her she was going to Avril's house for a playdate. Not missing a beat, my brilliant granddaughter said, "So...Anna Mai is sleeping over at my house tonight." Not even remotely true, but sometimes a girl has to resort to untruths just to feel good about herself. I mean who needs someone playing at one-upping the very second you get to school. I like the fact that she can think so quickly.

Before lunching with Jane and Lottie, my friend, Betsy and I went on a fabric hunt on La Brea Avenue. Diamond Foam and Fabric, if it's not there you probably won't find it anywhere. What a great place it is. Take a sack, they provide the scissors. Then you just wander around and take snippets of fabrics that appeal. Fabulous. You feel like a cross between a common vandal and a thief. La Brea is one of those great L.A. streets. Need antique hardware for your pre-1930 house or a Moroccan lantern and you'll find it on that stretch of La Brea between Wilshire and Beverly. Towards the northern end of the street you'll find Charlie Chaplin's studio. I haven't been on their studio tour, but I'll bet it's kinda fun. I loved Robert Downey, Jr. in that movie. I don't think I've ever not liked him in a role. I pray that he can stay straight.

I love spending this kind of time with Betsy. She has such curiosity and enthusiasm for life. Plus, she thinks it's a kick to spend time with Lottie. So do her girls, LouLou & Mercedes. Hey, so does her husband, Lee. What a cool family.

Uh oh, it's raining. I'm gonna go watch it out the window. This is LA.


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