Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunlight Threatens

Dallas Raines, my absolutely favorite weather guru, has assured us all (as he boldly showed the five-day forecast) that as of tomorrow afternoon, there will be sunshine in our lives. This is a great relief because of Tim & Pat's upcoming visit. They are looking for sun and warmth and while I can assure them that it will be warmer here than it will be in Wisconsin for quite some time, I can't promise the sun...but DALLAS CAN. He's not promising a full-blown, brilliant sun unobscured by even the slightest whisper of a cloud, but periods of sunshine. I ask for no more than that.

We do get a lot of attention when it rains, this much, and we just got off the phone with dear friends, Elissa and Tim. Roger is headed to Milwaukee on biz and one of the highlights of his trip will be getting together with them and eating Elissa's phenomenally fabulous food. Oh man, can that woman cook. She cooks SO well that when she's in Italy (at least a few months of every year), she teaches with this wonderful cooking school, Tutti a Tavola in Tuscany. Based on Elissa's gift in the kitchen and a special dinner presented by the five Tuscan lady chefs, I can recommend this school to anyone who bothers to read this posting.

Today, due to careful monitoring of T-CEP, Topanga Canyon for Emergency Preparedness, I was able to yell out further road closures to my husband...not that we were going anywhere, but this is news...big news. Rock slides on PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy), but just north of Topanga Canyon Blvd. YIPPEE!!! That means that as long as we travel down to the ocean, between 6 & 9 AM and 3 & 9 PM only, we can turn left and get to Santa Monica. The road closure only affects us if we want to go into Malibu. Malibu Canyon closed due to mudslides. Tuna Canyon, rock-strewn and treacherous. All exciting stuff, unless you're one of those poor people whose home has slid down a hillside, filled with memories and love.


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